My surprise sunset reward!

Sometimes my toddler doesn’t follow directions.

In fact, there are times when he actively fights to do the opposite of what I ask. He is almost 2.5 years old. He’s testing. He’s being independent. It’s expected.

However, he’s starting to learn something. His tactics have changed slightly. Before he would just fight. Now, I count to three and that is enough to give him time to shift gears. He does as I ask without fuss by the time I say three. Everyone is happy.

This is a perfect example of resistance and going with the flow. Whenever we reach a new level, we test. We like to see how much we can do. It’s understandable. However, when we test, resisting the natural direction of circumstance, life gets unpleasant. It can get nasty.

Instead of throwing our bodies to the ground, screaming, kicking, and crying, we could just do as life directs (or as our intuition guides us). We could be water.

There have been a few times recently where I found myself resisting. Someone asks about my work, or my son wants to go for a walk in the evening. My first sense is no – I start to resist. Then I catch myself. I ask, why couldn’t I do this? There are things I don’t understand at play. I need to be open to how things develop. I need to let things happen and work with the direction of things.

When I do that, everything is more enjoyable and I get some nice surprises, like watching a sunset overlooking my little town. You never know what’s waiting for you. Better to go with the flow.

Go With The Flow
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