Child on the shore


That is who you are to me.

Whether you’ve known me for eons, or are a stranger annoyed by my voice, you are beloved to me.

How can I explain this so you understand in the cells of your being? How can I share this so subatomic particles that make-up the blueprints of your bodies vibrate with such knowing? My arms are not long enough. My field is not broad enough. I send out this message through words and pictures hoping your hearts are open to hear me, to feel this resonance, to bask in this warm yellow light.

There is no other message. There are no other words. There is no other feeling. This is all.

And I don’t care what sins mark your record. I don’t care how torn you are. It doesn’t matter – your age, creed, culture, religion, gender, finance, status – I still love you. I will always love you. I will always want good things for you because you are my beloved. You are my family, friends, and neighbors.

Whatever “wrongs” you have committed, I forgive you. Whatever achievements you have made, I rejoice. Wherever you are in life, I am with you. I am with you. No time or space shall part us. We are a body joined by love. We are a spirit forged in fire. I see you, no matter when or where you are.

Remember this when you feel lonely, discouraged, or afraid. See me in possibilities. See me in beauty everyday. And when the world is dark, when all feels hopeless, close your eyes and meet me in the blue.

Love never dies. Love never fades. This is the eternal flame, the unquenchable fire, the unending storm, changing all in it’s path.

Beloved, look around. It’s not just me. We’re everywhere, if you would only see…


In gratitude for those so supportive of my efforts with SIX DEGREES. I love you. I see the tide turning in you. For more about the curriculum, go here. For the devotional, visit here.

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