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Do you have writer friends? You should. Writer friends are fun and fun is good! *Extra points for anyone who gets this book reference!*

But seriously, if you are a writer, you need writer friends. Need. Them. Yesterday.

These are the people who keep you honest with yourself and others. These are the people who empathize with the pain of killing your favorite character or reliving past trauma for the world to see. They will critique your covers. They will give you inspiring advice. They will share their tips and tricks for being more productive. They will give you free books and help you market yours! They will connect you to their other writer friends, agents, and publisher!

Well, maybe not the last bit, but still, no one can ignore the incredible value of writer friends.

How do you find these elusive wonders? These goldmines of knowledge and solidarity?!

Seeing as we hide behind screens all day, you know where to go first – social media! Find your favorite social media spot and start looking around. Search like you searched for details about moon cycles in shifter myths for your last book! Seriously.

And join a group. Join 20. Join 30 if you need to.

Let me share how I did it, because honestly, I was a horrible writing hermit at the beginning. I had no idea how to find people. It started with a friend who invited me to a secret Facebook group. Then I messaged a high school friend and asked her about her blogging. She pointed me to some closed groups. Then I started talking to people and posting in these groups. At first I was nervous, but then, I realized even some of the mid to high level names were experimenting (or had) as much as I did (do).

I branched out from Facebook to include other things like Twitter. I publicly wished people well in their endeavors. Talking to people does wonders. Favors do wonders.

All this is to say, get some writer friends. Be a writer friend.

Be my writer friend!

Seriously, contact me! I always like more writer friends! And guess what? I’ll do you favors, because I like to do those kinds of things. I love supporting my fellow purpose-driven writers! We’re on a mission and it’s awesome. 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do and what kind of writer friends I LOVE, download a copy of The Write Story Manifesto here. Also be sure to join my Facebook group for writers and readers with purpose, The Write Story Writers here. And of course, check out my library here.

I'll be your writer friend!
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