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Write On!

There is a balance that gets established – a rhythm and routine. This is how I tune out Oscar and Elmo as I write this. This is how despite forgetting the three or four good ideas for a post, I started writing anyway.

That’s how this works. It’s my job. I do it.

Growing up with two minister parents, there was writing everywhere. Every Sunday meant a sermon and a Sunday School curriculum (half the time developed or improved by my mother). There were presentations, conferences, and life events. Someone was always writing. Sometimes it didn’t work out well – something would happen and writing time got derailed. Something might happen making stress levels increase or sadness fall, and writing became a chore. The end product might not be up to the regular standard.

Of course, my parents kept writing because their speaking depended on it. Their jobs required it.

For most writers it is different. Writing is not quite as urgent as it might be for a regular Sunday worship service. It may not feel like it is as important as other things. If a writer isn’t established, they may shrug off establishing a routine. They may sit in front of the white screen and decide they should do something – anything else.


Write. Just write. It may feel awkward at first. It may feel forced. Write through it. Before you know it, you’ll have a passable blog post – I mean – story or article to submit. *blinks while smiling innocently*

Write on,


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