There are so many things I could write about today. This past weekend was FULL of inspiration. Not only did I stay in a lovely inn, chat with other guests, but I also went wine-tasting and saw THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Like I said, a lot.

This could be an opportunity to write about Star Wars, but frankly, I think it’s late for that boat and I’d rather not. Instead I’d like to write about something that struck me forcibly; I have been convinced of the importance and necessity of breaks.

Oh. My. God. People need breaks. Sometimes we get forced breaks, as in injury or sickness. Those are times when we have worked so much that our body protests and begins to give out, jarring us away from daily responsibilities or drive.

It’s more of a challenge to create boundaries when a person is self-employed. When does the job end? When does work stop? I am entirely guilty of historically setting boundaries everywhere EXCEPT this one area. I tend to ruminate over things. I tend to talk about something until I’ve figured it out. Then I discover a new challenge, and the process begins again.

It took going to an inn where there was no cell reception or other screens to completely detach from my driven life. It was incredibly relaxing to just sit, with no expectations or responsibilities, and no schedule. It was lovely.

I think it was made more lovely because it was close. We didn’t have to drive hours for this break. It was effectively a staycation. My parents watched our son and we could wander around without a destination or we could do something. It felt as carefree as when I was on break from college, or summer break in high school. I was that free.

Honestly, 28 hours was about as long as I wanted of this excessive freedom. After that, I was eager to see my little boy. Still, I kept myself from working for the remainder of the day and it was glorious. When I woke this morning, I had all the fresh perspective and writing inspiration I needed to dive headlong into projects. I was ready, with a new level of excitement.

I’m new again. I might meditate to keep this feeling going. It’s that good.

#TuesdayCoffeeTalk: Staycations
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