One of the things I included in TRANSFORM TO THRIVE was a resource and skill inventory. At the time I wasn’t thinking about writing specifically, but rather what is available to an individual to make her life better. 

The thing is, that inventory could work for anyone self-employed because it edifies the self. In short, it’s perfect for writers – no matter the publishing path.

This is because writing is an isolating occupation by its nature. It can feel like you’re all alone, completely on your own. I mean, it can feel like you’re on a deserted island talking to a ball you’ve named Wilson.

The fact of the matter is, while you feel like a castaway, this feeling is false.

In reality, every time you sit in front of a keyboard with an associated internet connection, you’re connected to billions of people across the world. That’s just the people online. Those are the casual connections (or connections yet to be made). What about your real-life connections?

What about your family and close friends? But go beyond this – how many people were in the same clubs? Schools? Faith communities? Workplaces? These are all people who could be links in your chain of good. They are all potential resources – information, support, and encouragement. You never know until you reach out.

My point is, not only are you surrounded by a huge community of helpful and awesome people – but you are resource rich.

Use the resources given to you. Don’t write something off before exploring every possibility. You may be surprised at the connections present right now. 

If you want to check out the resource inventory I mentioned above, TRANSFORM TO THRIVE is available as a subscriber gift until January 15! Subscribe here and download a copy. Take stock of where you are and just how much is available to you now!

#WriterWednesday: The Write Resources
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