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The exciting thing about beginnings is their novelty. Novelty draws us in. We like new things, as a culture, if not a species.

That’s the attraction of a new year. There is a clear opportunity to start over again. We can do things that we’ve never done before. We can promise ourselves we’ll kick an old habit, start a new one, change our stripes, or acquire some kind of skill.

New Year’s is mother of all promises. I can hear the string now…



Yes, the new year is symbolic, but if you didn’t do it before – if you never committed before, then why would this be different?

That is, unless you’re building on something from before.

I’m not big on resolutions (thus: bullshit) BUT I do believe that intention combined with commitment, planning, and support offers the highest possibility for success in any endeavor. I believe symbolic actions and times increase an intention by increasing its focus. These elements add weight and heft to a plan. They offer specific beginnings (or endings). These pieces give structures to intentions – transforming them from nebulous wants into plans with specific goals that can be achieved (or not).

I say all this because I believe in planning. I believe in pursuing things with abandon. I believe in leaping. That’s why I planned out my week’s work in advance (see: The Essential Author Log, or the free writing tools for my newsletter subscribers). It’s why I selected pub dates in advance for all my books this year.

I’m a little nervous about this, to be honest, but I’m also excited. I’m conducting experiments through this process – trying some new things to see how they work.

I’ll post everything as I go throughout 2016, because I like the accountability. Also, I think it’s helpful to get insight into others’ practices etc.

With this in mind, here’s this week’s docket:

  • Editing – manuscripts (2) and submission entries (3)

  • Rewriting – see above

  • Graphic design – cover art adjustments & mock-ups

  • Formatting – manuscripts

  • Marketing letters (3 templates) – for prospectives in a variety of areas

  • and of course, blogging. 😀

I’m confident in my ability to get everything done, and I’m sure you will too (especially with solid planning).

Here’s to a productive start of 2016!


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