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Because this is the closest we’re going to get to New Year’s on a Wednesday, I think we need to talk about writer goals, intentions, and well, all vaguely self-imposed boundaries.

This is where there is creation and destruction. This is where a writer can burn out, procrastinate forever, or create literary genius.

Work with me on this – the genius thing may feel far fetched, but as my husband says, it’s a law of averages. The longer you work on something, the more likely it is that you will have a moment of brilliance. In fact, it becomes probable. Add to this the additional skill and effort placed into writing, and it becomes increasingly probable – in fact, downright likely.

Now, don’t you owe it to yourself and everyone to reveal that moment of brilliance?

But how does that happen? How do you stack the decks in your favor?

This is where your hidden structures become important.

In 2013 I decided I would publish 3-4 books annually. This is my intention. I know how much I can do, and I know how much work this takes. The intention is a general structure. It allows for flexibility.

To turn that into a goal, I need to get specific. For example, for 2016, I have a few different ideas of books:

  1. Six Degrees Curriculum – This has a prelim pub date and really only requires a little effort on my part for digital copies. For print copies, it will take a little more time, but not much.

  2. Six Degrees Devotional – This is half-way done and needs probably a couple hours daily for the next week to be complete for digital copies. Then I can send out preliminary ARCs.

  3. My Indie Writing & Publishing Guide – This has the structure in place, and really needs about a month worth of writing/rewriting etc.

  4. The Changeling Tree – my intended novel release this year. I love the story and am really attached to the characters. But this is new adult dystopian etc, so I intend to do things in this story I’ve never done, like, kill people.


Additional possible book projects:

  1. Related Rollins fun book – All I will say is I have a collaborator lined up and I have never done anything like this before, so I have no idea if this will be a 2016 or 2017 book. But I’m excited…there may be video related to this. Oh. My. God. I can’t wait!

  2. Frederick – This is in an idea phase, so I may begin writing it in 2016, but I think it’s safe to say this will get pubbed in early 2017 (but who knows?).

  3. Stakes – I don’t have this under the book pub heading, because it is a serial and therefore unusual. However, I do plan to pub at least 1 chapter per month until it’s finished. Requests for plot points/character arcs may be honored…if you ask. 😀

Plan out your year of writing!

From here, I can plan out my preorder availability and pub dates. I can track down and connect with the right influencers, ambassadors, and outlets around launch time for each book.

The easiest way to do all this is to break down everything into manageable chunks. In The Essential Author Log I show how I do this (and there’s also a free tool for subscribers that gives you an idea of this). And actually, this year, I may do just that because it’s going to be a heavy writing year for me.

Once the plan is in place, I’ll let everyone know my progress weekly and even daily through social media channels. I expect to post somewhat regularly about these things in author forums and of course, The Write Story Writers Facebook Group. This gives me accountability and helps drive my productivity.

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. This time I have more support than ever, more connections, and more knowledge. Because of this, I’m excited. I’m ready to set everything up and get going.

I may even use a copy of The Essential Author Log this year. You can see my progress there and follow along, or maybe, get a copy and try it yourself.

Don’t let this planning phase go by. Set intentions. Decide on specific goals. Divide and conquer. Have a vision. Let this be an amazing year for your writing and increase the probability of your literary genius.

And most importantly, keep in touch on this. We can encourage each other and do so much more.

With writing love,


#WriterWednesday: Plan Your Writing Year Now
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