Compounding blessing of a Santa Barbara beach sunset

I woke up this morning excited. I’m excited, not just because it’s Christmas Eve, but because the world has so much beauty and wonder.

I am excited to find out what will happen today – to participate fully in every aspect of life. I’m full of love and I want to show everyone around me that love and light.

Seriously. I’m even excited about laundry.

Why? Because I have the luxury of doing laundry at any time! That is awesome! But also, I get to do laundry and all the other little things with two of my favorite people in the whole world – my husband and son. We get to do chores together – singing, dancing, laughing, and playing. What could be better than that?

Sometimes we forget how many blessings we have. It is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric of fear and pessimism in the world around us. During holidays, stress and hurt often come to the surface. It can highlight those things we don’t have or feel like we can’t do.

I want to remind you of something – a very important something: You are loved. You are blessed. There are so many things, small things, that add up like compound interest. You know the magic of compound interest? It grows. It grows like crazy. All those little blessings compound and build and grow.

You’re reading this, which means you have internet access. BAM! BLESSED!

Take some time to think of other things. When your heart is full and you feel lighter, I would ask that you share that full heart with those around you. Spread that – compound that blessing.

And here’s a tip, when you can do that at any time, any day of the year, no matter what – you will THRIVE!

You still have through Christmas at midnight to enter my THRIVE giveaway! Comment on my blog post, or any related facebook page post, or even mention me on Twitter with an area you want to transform OR you real-life superpower! I want help your 2016 be amazing!



#ThursdayThrive: Compounding Love
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