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River of light

This week is Christmas, and next is New Year’s. Anyone who celebrates these things has a lot of memories and stories tied to them. Needless to say the holidays stir up a lot of thoughts and feelings.

Lately I’ve been thinking about giving, legacy, and footprints (i.e. impact).

I’ve been thinking about a classmate who returned home from the hospital with a new baby to discover a good friend had passed away. Waiting on my classmate’s doorstep was a package from her friend – an outfit for the baby. Even after death, this woman’s presence was felt through a thoughtful gift.

I’ve also been thinking about my husband’s grandmother who passed earlier this year. She reflected Divine Love in everything she did – funding medical care for children across the world, to caring for shut-ins, to coming out of retirement to serve as a public school nurse.

Our acts show us for who we are. While the above women were beautiful human beings, the opposite also happens. There are people who choose to hurt, either indirectly, as happens through withholding resources, or directly, as in abuse or violence.

While I didn’t know the first woman, and only knew the second for a relatively short time, I believe both were self-assured and blessed. They knew they were blessed and wanted to share that feeling with the world.

I mention these women because they make me think about my mindset restructuring. They remind me that everyone is a Divine Idea – and a gift.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Alexis, I know a lot of people who are anything but gifts. They’re certainly not Divine!”

Yes. They are. It’s easy to see the above women as gifts because they were beautiful human beings and reflecting love. However, every human being is Divine.

Sometimes they are thoughtless or oblivious. Sometimes they are hurting. Sometimes they are acting out the only programming they know. Most likely they are broken. Regardless, they are part of Creation and deserving of love.

I hope to be like the above women – reflecting considerate love wherever I go, no matter the situation or people involved. I hope that is the witness I provide in my writing and speaking. I carry stories like these in my heart – spiritual gifts – to remind me.

Yesterday was Solstice, the darkest day of the year. Even in dark times, light shines – a beacon calling us to be our truest selves.

Today and always, think of the light in your life. Remember those spiritual gifts. Be one for someone else. We’re all in this together.

If you want another way to be a light, enter the THRIVE contest – if not for yourself, for someone else – and share the love! Everything you need to know is here!

#TuesdayCoffeeTalk: A Light In The Dark
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