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Why do you write? Why does anyone write?

There are as many reasons as there are writers. And results match. Motivation, production, persistence – all match reason.

My interest is in those with intense reasoning – with fire in the gut. I’m interested in the go-big-or-go-home variety. The bridges are burned and there’s no going back.

The stakes are high (insert: sly grin).

I am one of those people. I have that intense burning in me, and more. I need writing to explore things – to understand social enigma – as well as show paths forward. That’s what I’m doing with Stakes. I intend for it to be an exploration of marginalization, identity, and faith. I say this now as I begin writing the second chapter (free for subscribers).

I intend to pull at my own experiences – of hiding, and pretending (among other things which you’ll have to suss out on your own). That said, there is a fair amount that is not in my direct experience where years of research and conversation will fill the gaps.

It’s only recently that I’ve learned how little many people know about certain topics intended for my little serial work. I am so steeped in religion and spirituality it is hard for me to understand a person without any reference. I spent years growing up in church, interacting with people of other faiths and sects. Then I studied it – both in academic and informal settings. I met leaders and adherents of all persuasions. I studied ancient stories from around the world. I poured over websites that would make the most hard-line skeptic giggle.

I’ve read personal heartaches related to faith (and lack thereof) as well as think-tank studies on trends in faith. I’ve read philosophical, theological, and devotional texts.

I’m including all this knowledge into my serial – a format I’ve never done before. It’s all a bit of an experiment, with high stakes.

But that’s writing. That’s how it goes. The difference is this time, I’m practicing Zen. I’m not attached to a specific outcome – except for a good product, which is something in my direct control.

Success in this is good writing incorporating my knowledge. With that, I’ve put it off enough. It’s time to work on chapter 2.

If you haven’t already downloaded Chapter 1: Vessel, read it here.

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