I’m in mourning.

Jessica Jones is over.

It was so good. So. Amazingly. Good.

It was so good for so many reasons. Because a woman wrote it, the conversation of trauma felt genuine. The perspective of all the characters on trauma felt realistic. The simultaneous draw of abuse and push against it was illustrated without knocking the viewer over the head. The fact that every character who suffered trauma regularly dealt with it – repeatedly. Many times this happened several times in the same day. Along this path to recovery, of survival, were various coping mechanisms, from the profoundly self-destructive, to the healthiest possible.

And yes, I blame this excellent realism on a woman writing it. The nature of gender power dynamics can only be understood from a female perspective. The need to assess an environment for threats, to be strong enough, to have security no matter where a woman goes, this is something men don’t live with (in particular white men, but men generally). A man doesn’t fear going out to his parked car. A man doesn’t fear his date will violently attack him, to beat, rape, and or murder him.

This is something women deal with. That kind of sense – a subtle undertone throughout life – is hard to communicate and impossible to understand for someone who hasn’t lived it.

I won’t go into details from the show as to why I believe only a woman could write this as well as she did, because I want you to see it. If you like fantasy at all (and let’s face it, it would be weird for you to read this if you didn’t) you need to watch this show.

But it wasn’t just the writing.

The casting choices were perfect. The acting was so incredibly believable. I mean, I love David Tennant. He is possibly my favorite Doctor (Matt Smith is a very close second). But as Kilgrave…wow. He does selfish psychopath perfectly.

And of course Krysten Ritter is…she’s just fantastic. She did broken so well – broken, human, and trying so hard to do the right thing. I loved her. I loved how she lived in Jessica’s skin, inhabiting the snark and easy confidence a lion might have in a field full of gazelles. Seriously.

Because of all this, I am incredibly grateful. It shows there is room in entertainment for diversity of character and perspective (i.e. lesbian lawyers, black and female superheroes etc). It’s rating on IMDB shows there is sufficient support for this kind of endeavor. There’s a place in the pantheon for complex, powerful women.

There’s a place for a writer like me, and characters like Khloe.

So thank God for Jessica Jones. I can’t wait to see her again.

#TuesdayCoffeeTalk: A Jessica Jones
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