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I have many thoughts and feelings around November 13, 2015. They’ve been running around my head, struggling to take shape.

To carve them into understanding, I write for you.

I have written about it before, but I say again – we stand at a crossroads. It is so much bigger than random violence for political gain. It is so much more than police brutality, or silencing marginalized peoples. It is so much more than undervaluing carework, or dehumanizing population segments.

This is so much more than corporate influence, or psychopathic greed.

This is a battle for humanity’s soul.

Don’t let this word turn you off if you’re not religious. Stay with me on this – that word includes all that I mean. It is a complete word, and that is why I choose it.


The focus, spark, center, motivation, driving force – all these things are included in that word and THAT is what is at stake for humanity. This is why The Write Story Manifesto concepts are so important. It is why Family, Friend, or Foe has a central theme of forgiveness. It is why my forthcoming serial, Stakes, includes the topics it does.

I cannot make this any more plain – each and every one of us needs to do a very difficult job. We need to look deep into ourselves and ask one question:

What makes me afraid?

Don’t think of something superficial. Don’t think about candy running out or whether you’ll get tickets for opening weekend of some movie. I mean – really. That’s a cop out. Be genuine. Be honest. What makes you frightened?

If it’s lack of control, then you have a real problem. If it’s the unknown, you have a serious problem. If it’s loss or pain, you have a serious problem. If it is yourself… do I need to say it? You have a real problem.


Each one of us must confront these “demons” of ours and get real. Life includes these things. When we confront lack of control, does the world end? No. When we suffer, does the world end? No. When we look into ourselves and examine what we have done and who we have been, does the world end? NO!

We change, yes, but the world doesn’t end. So why should we focus on fear when it only leads to feelings of despair, anger, hatred, and sadness? Why focus on fear when it holds us back? It’s okay to feel fear, to note it, but to stay there? No. That is no way to live. That is no way to grow as a person – as a species.

Fear inspires destruction. It is the life blood of violence.

I’ve studied conflict a lot. I’ve studied people a lot. I do not make apologies for the desperate actions of people who have repeatedly experienced loss – who have been backed into a corner by rigged systems that refuse to take the time to understand them. I do not make apologies for people who are afraid to have their entire worldview destroyed by economic forces and replaced with the alien.

I do not apologize for that.

I do empathize with them. I do understand their anger. I do understand their fear.

It is the same fear so many have – the fear of the unknown. The fear of losing oneself.

But here’s the thing – answering fear with more fear will not solve this problem. This is where the human soul is at stake. Instead, we must do that difficult thing. We must seek the narrow path – we must practice empathy and compassion. We must see the common between ourselves and others. We must share our humanity. We must embrace one another.

Please – I offer you my hand.

Do not be afraid, for I am your sister and I am with you.

Beyond Paris
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