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Yesterday was my birthday so I didn’t have an opportunity to put together a blog post. Instead I did adult things, like drink beer and watch Daniel Craig in a suit.

Still, belated is better than never.

Birthdays get me introspective. I think about all the things I’ve done – all of the things I’ve become. Naturally this leads me to thinking about identities and the lengths we go to assert them. It seems ridiculous to cling to categories – to words that only make life more difficult. Still, people ascribe importance to them. Humans need to belong, and in a time when community in real life is lacking, we attach ourselves to imagined communities… feminist, black, white, gay, trans, cis, gun-owner, pacifist, and the list goes on.

And people get so violently attached to these words. Stupid words.

That’s why I decided to start making one of my projects available as a serial. As someone who feels the need to write and speak with purpose, to share ideas to foster discussion, it becomes increasingly important to get the work out. It’s important for it to be available – in the world.

Thus I will investigate several avenues this week as to making these available. Currently I plan to have it available on my website directly and that people can purchase each new chapter as they become available. At this point I’m thinking about doing cover art that is unique for each piece, so readers will have a whole document similar to a digital comic book.

Don’t get too excited though – I’m just going to do cover art.

The direction I’m thinking for the serials is a bit different than when I first entertained the idea. Now, being so interested in the concept of identity and rhetoric around identity, I’ve also added additional aspects such as associated belief systems.

So for a birthday present, I will be giving you the first chapter of the serial. As soon as it’s available I will have it on a separate link under the writing menu tab labelled serial. All further information about it will be available there (and you’ll be able to download the first chapter, if not the whole thing, there). I hope you comment and share your thoughts. It may influence the direction of the work, which is very exciting to me.

I’ll keep you posted about this little serial. It may take a little time with my crazy splints. Be patient. Good things are coming.

With Indie love,


Belated Birthday Present
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