This is less goal post, more general update. I am not sure how my weekly column posts will go. I may do every other week, every other post for a while. It’s unclear how the enterprise will go.

Yes, you read that right. I can do minimal writing. This is because I got my new splints. Wearing them means I can no longer get ice for my water or unscrew a cap. Typing this requires I look like a crazed scientist with elbows near my ears…


I am typing. I can’t move my wrists or thumbs, but I am typing.

This is a frustrating development, but also full of hope. Editing is possible while writing will continue to come in the form of speech recognition.

So, no National Write A Novel Month for me.


I might start working on a chapter a week of my Changeling’s Tale novel idea, then go back and editing. We’ll see. There are a couple of ideas I have about things. There are a few guest posts I need to do. In the mean time, enjoy the mock-up cover art I put together for my work-in-progress novel.

And let me know what you think.

With Indie love and purpose,


The Changeling Tree mock-up cover art

A Work In Progress
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