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Andrew is always there.

Right now I’m probably walking around the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my toddler. Hopefully that involves a lot of giggling as opposed to whining or screaming. Because we’re camping and celebrating his birthday (an apparent month long celebration) I had to plan this post a bit in advance…

Which is EXACTLY what preordering is!

Being able to preorder a book is a way to support your favorite author while they’re still in the planning phase. Often times this means getting a promotional price (as in the case of ANDREW). I’ve seen some authors plan their publishing out a year in advance (which is about as far as most retailers will list a book).

I’m not very good at this – yet. I tend to come up with ideas for books quickly, act on them, or let them simmer before I touch them for a while. Right now, for example, I have ANDREW on preorder, as well as SIX DEGREES (my world religion curriculum). I committed to publishing both well in advance. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little better at promoting ANDREW than I have SIX DEGREES. ANDREW I finished quickly, meanwhile I’m still working on aspects of SIX DEGREES (granted, the curriculum won’t get pubbed until November, so I have a bit of time, but not much).

In any case, this is your last chance to preorder ANDREW before the price jumps on September 30. So, if you were on the fence, lock in the lower price for Book 2 of the ROLLINS PACK. Then sign up for my newsletter and get Book 1, JEREMIAH for FREE. It’s a win-win.

Also if you love wolves, be sure to check out my #TuesdayCoffeeTalk post tomorrow about wolves. I’m going to dive into all things wolf. 🙂

Keeping in line with my goal post intentions, I did the following last week:

  • Gave my THRIVE talk at the Optimist Club (which went EXTREMELY well! YAY!).

  • Got feedback on SIX DEGREE covers

  • Brainstormed finishing touches of covers

  • Planned out my blog posts for this week

  • Tried to rest my hands as much as possible

  • Made a bunch of social images for Khloe Alwell and Andrew

  • Sent out some social images.

This week I’m going to give myself a little bit of a break because of camping, however, I do intend to get a bit more going:

  • Finish this cover already.

  • Write up a pitch letter for SIX DEGREES, really.

  • Send out social images.

  • Contact suggested organizations from Optimist Club feedback forms.

  • Send out pitch letter for SIX DEGREES talk at local organizations (piggy back on Pope and Eid from last week?).

I can’t think of anything else right now. But I’m sure something will come up…

Until then,


For the Love of Preorder
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