Who I Am

I'm a life coach & intuitive helping creatives design a lifestyle based in unconditional love.

I'm the creator of the weekly newsletter "The Compassion Letter," the online course, "The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable," as well as the host of the Intentional Writer Interview Series. Through it all, runs my purpose to spread unconditional love through intention, empathy, and compassion.

​​I currently live in Southern California with my family and real-life familiar, Java the Cat (though I've lived around the country and world). I'm a classically trained artist, with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies and an MA in Global and International Studies. Between writing, speaking, and chasing my kid, I paint, sing, and dance. Sometimes I do it all at once. Find out more about me here.





What I Do

Different ways I can help you experience more love, joy, peace, & freedom in your life!

Gain insight & clarity with personalized coaching

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Intuitive Services

Deeply spiritual insight into blocks, direction, & more!

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Build the unconditional love mindset for life change!

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Workshops and talks on compassion, intentional writing, resilience, and empathy.

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Intentional Blogging

Check out posts & videos on intentional living, love lifestyle design, worthiness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, & more!

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